Buying a Home with Melody

Buying a home with me as your agent is a fun and easy process! I have boundless energy for setting up exciting tour schedules.  I will make sure you see enough homes so that you can make an informed decision.  I will advise you and counsel you throughout the process.  If you are not from the area I am happy to add-on tours of what amenities the area has to offer you such as local gyms, cafes, yoga studios, restaurants, performance venues, natural wonders, etc. 

The lenders that I work with are the most professional, responsive loan officers in our area.  I am constantly monitoring what lenders offer exciting and valuable loan products for my buyers.

If you are a first time home buyer, or a seasoned buyer downsizing or relocating, my insights on the market conditions and unprecedented energy will benefit your process.  

I would love to hear about your plans for your first home, down sizing, relocating, or any other vision you may have.

For information about First Time Home Buyer classes, please call me at 413-387-7403, or email me at

I cannot wait to help you find your next home!  If you have questions about how buyers agents get "paid", feel free to call me and we can go over Buyer Agency.  The important thing to know is that if you are not working with a Buyer's Agent on your purchase, you will not have a negotiator throughout the process, and you will not hve someone who is fully informed of what your priorities are helping you coordinate this process.   In our area, 95% of successfully closed transactions close with a Buyer's Agent, and that Buyer's Agent is available to the buyer through the transactional process at NO ADDITIONAL cost to the buyer. Please take advantage of the amazing opportunity to work with a Buyer's Agent!  

 I have been known to save my buyers money in a variety of ways including but not limited to:  negotiation, helping them find a good loan product/lender,  helping them find and home that had updated utilities or windows, helping them find a well-maintained home, etc. 

Sometimes people think the real estate agent is just there to get the Buyer a discount on the home.  While that can happen sometimes, that is not our sole purpose--Our purpose is to be a resource, advisor, educator, and personal consultant throughout the process, so that you are ready to make a move when the perfect house comes up.  Additionally, shopping for a home is A LOT  of work.  Letting a professional take care of the details can allow you more time for your own job, family, hobbies, and getting affairs in order for this life changing event.  For every contact hour I spend with a buyer client, I spend about 2 additional hours doing market research, scheduling tours, communicating with lawyers, lenders, pre-viewing homes, and taking professional development classes TO BETTER SERVE YOU.  

I can show you ANY HOME on the market today, give me a call so we can line up a pre-qualification and your first jam-packed home buying tour! 

I show homes all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island!

If you do not see your town of choice here and would like me to be your agent, contact me, as we may still be able to work together!  I'm a versatile, flexible agent, and I love my job!